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People who love fences as much as we do have got to love backyards. But not everybody has a backyard that makes them want to venture outside. In our many years of working and playing outdoors, here are a few of the tricks we’ve found that make the difference between backyard bliss and giving it a miss.


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Maybe your yard is swell, but the constant presence of the hairy-backed nude sunbather next door isn’t your idea of an ideal view. Or maybe you want to practice yoga or tai chi without gawkers. As the old saying goes, fences make good neighbors in so many ways – cutting down your obligations to see them, hear them, smell them and talk to them. Now, we know that sounds a bit un-neighborly, but most of our customers agree that they would rather choose when they have company.
So, how do you get privacy? Well, a fence, of course! Also, judicious landscaping including hedges and trees to obstruct your view of your neighbor’s yard, and vice versa.
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Cultivate a special spot

accents on wooden fence
If you live in a condo, you already know where your special outdoor spot is. It’s that postage stamp-sized patio or deck, just big enough for a chaise longue and your drink. But if you have land, wonderful as it is, you may be too overwhelmed to go outside. Every time you set foot out the door, you see 20 things that need to be done.
outdoor stepping stones
So instead of taking it all on, pick a special little spot and make it your place. If it’s the patio, sweep it. If it’s a garden patch, weed it. A deck? Keep it stained and in ship-shape. That’s your little patch of heaven in which to relax.

Comfortable furniture

wood fence
Sometimes people choose furniture – indoor or outdoor – because it’s so darling and matches the rug or the flowers or whatever. But sit on it? No thanks. Thirty minutes and you’re heading for the ibuprofen. Instead, make comfort number one and looks second. Add a lumbar pillow covered in outdoor fabric, and maybe an ottoman. A comfortable seat makes all the difference in enjoying your backyard paradise.

Something to do

Some rare, Buddha-like individuals can be perfectly happy meditating on the flowers. But a lot of us like to do something more active. If you’re sporty, perhaps you need a basketball hoop in the yard. How about an old-school horseshoe pit? Maybe a nice, level space will encourage you to unroll your yoga mat or set up an easel. Or just the aforementioned comfy chair for reading.

Plants that smell good

Beautiful sunset
Selecting plants for their looks is fine – most of us enjoy a pretty garden. But get your olfactory in on the action by planting fragrant flowers, trees, and shrubs. Magnolia, sage, jasmine, and honeysuckle will all enhance your time outside. We like this list of fragrant Texas natives.
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Include your pet

buzzfence dog
What fun is a backyard if your four-footers can’t enjoy it, too? When planting your garden, consult a list of which plants are pet-friendly and which may send Spot to the emergency vet. A good fence keeps Fido and Fluffy safe. Depending on your yard and lifestyle, you might consider a dog run or catio.

How Do You Spend Time in the Backyard?

We love to hear how our everyone else spends time in their backyard! Got a fun way to decorate or spend the afternoon with the family? Let us know using this form and we will feature you on our blog!

A fence you love

Hey, you know we’re going to end our post with a fence, right? After all, we are Buzz Custom Fence. We wholeheartedly believe that a fence is your number one backyard priority. It provides security, privacy, and can even muffle sound. As you meditate on lilies by your water feature, or play a rousing game of croquet, or work on your plein air technique, an aesthetically pleasing fence will enhance your new favorite outdoor room. Call us today and we’ll help you define your backyard paradise.