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Many people use springtime as a reason to clean their houses from top to bottom. But why stop inside your house? At Buzz Custom Fence, our favorite part of spring cleaning is going outside and sprucing up the fence and gate.
Of course, different fences call for different cleaning strategies. Let’s take a look at some common fence materials and discuss how to clean each.

Cleaning a Wood Fence

If you’re cleaning a wood fence, look for spots of mold, moss or mildew in addition to dirt. This is also a good time to check the condition of the stain, if your fence is stained.

Does your fence stand on beautiful, luxurious grass that you toil to keep green? If so, lay plastic sheets down to protect your grass. Some cleaning solutions can damage your ground cover.
Depending on how filthy the fence, a water hose may do the job or you might need to rent or borrow a power washer. If you’re removing old paint from a fence, the power washer indeed comes in handy.
You can choose from a simple bleach and water solution to kill mold, or a specialized wood-cleaning solution available at your hardware or big box store. Apply your chosen solution and let it soak in. You can use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the dirtiest areas. Once the fence is looking a bit cleaner and brighter, spray with your hose or power washer.
Let your fence dry completely. Still a bit grimy? Repeat the steps above. If you are staining or re-staining your fence, make sure it’s thoroughly dry before applying stain. Usually reapplying stain every three to five years keeps your wood fence looking its best.

Cleaning a Vinyl Fence

Often, simply spraying a vinyl fence down with a hose cleans it satisfactorily. For a little more grime, get a bucket of soapy water and a soft rag. Major filth? Buy a specially made vinyl cleaning solution and gently scrub problem areas with a soft brush. Then rinse and let air dry. To keep your vinyl fence sparkling clean, give it a bath every three to six months.

Chain Link and Aluminum

Aluminum and chain link fences are the easiest types to clean. All you need is a water hose, a soft scrub brush and maybe – just maybe—a bucket of soapy water. Spray your fence with water. Notice any grimy spots that are still there. Gently scrub these with the brush and perhaps a little soapy water. Once a year is usually enough to keep a chain link or aluminum fence clean.
Ready to get out there and make your fence shine for spring? If you need more fence cleaning tips – or if you suspect it’s time for a new fence – give your friends at Buzz a ring.

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