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Did you know that August 8 is Sneak Some Zucchini on to Your Neighbor’s Porch Day? Yes, this is the month where toiling in our gardens pays off. Sometimes our plants even overproduce, hence the need to pawn zucchini off on unsuspecting neighbors.

Here in our great state of Texas, we like to do things right. And by right, we mean big.. So this week we’ll look at some of the best vegetables to grow if size is your goal—and how to make them even bigger.

Laying the groundwork

Not just any seed has the making of a giant. To go big, you need to start with the correct varieties. Clues are right there on the seed pack. If you see “Old Colossus Heirloom Tomato” or “Atlantic Giant Pumpkin” on the label, you know you’re on the right track. Some of our other favorites include the Mammoth Zeppelin Cucumber, which can weigh in at 16 pounds, and the Super Heavyweight Hybrid Pepper, known to reach a half-pound.

Soil is an important factor. Here in Texas, a beef state, we’re blessed with seemingly endless manure. Depending on your soil, you may need specific micronutrients in your fertilizer, such as phosphorus or potassium. That’s why soil testing is vital.

Ready for a new fence?

Growing pains

If you’re growing giants, expect your water bill to ramp up. These big boys are thirsty. Plan on regular deep watering. Setting up a drip irrigation system on a timer will save your wrist from the strain of endless hose-holding.

Those of us who grew up in a really big family might have felt there wasn’t always enough to go around. Same with the fruits on your giant plants. It’s hard to prune perfectly good fruit, but be merciless here. Remember, they’re all competing for nutrients. Choose your largest, healthiest fruits and eliminate the rest. Some folks even thin their plants down to one champion fruit late in the season.

The fun of competition

Maybe you’ll find you have a giant green thumb. If so, why not compete in your local county fair? Enjoy some fun, healthy, family-style entertainment and give fairgoers a thrill—they love to admire the vegetables. You’ll meet other giant veg aficionados who will give you tips. Maybe you’ll even discover a giant vegetable growers association in your hometown.
At Buzz, we celebrate hobbies that get people outside enjoying their yards. Is your fence secure enough to protect your new giant vegetable garden? If not, give us a call today.