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walk gateSometimes by not looking too closely, or turning their heads increasingly to the side, homeowners can put off admitting it to themselves. But one day, they’re forced to face facts: Their walk gate is sagging.
But this sad day doesn’t need to devastate you. There are ways to fix that sagging gate, either by doing it yourself or hiring a pro.

Coming unhinged

It’s time to face your gate head on and figure out why it’s sagging. If you’re fortunate, the fix might be easy. Has one of your hinges come loose? If so, tighten it back up, thank your lucky stars, and ask yourself why you didn’t fix this months ago.


Lots of homeowners find relief by diagonally bracing the sagging walk gate with a steel cable. You can buy everything you need for this DIY operation in an Anti-Sag Gate Kit from a hardware store. Basically you’ll need to screw corner brackets to the top of the gate on the hinge side, and the bottom on the latch side. The combination of the steel cable and a turnbuckle will tighten the sag right out of your gate. Here’s a video of the procedure, if you think you might want to try this at home, or if you just enjoy gate videos. (No judgment. We do, too!)

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Call in the Contractor

Then again, it might be the posts and concrete holding up your walk gate that are to blame. Unless you are super handy with power tools and enjoy spending your spare time splashing concrete around, this is a job for a contractor. A professional will understand the right post size, wall thickness, concrete PSI and other good stuff necessary to get your gate hanging perfectly straight.


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