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New Year Decoration

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, our thoughts turn to Christmas. We think one of the best gifts you can give is sharing holiday cheer with your neighbors by turning your yard into a festive wonderland. Here are seven quick and easy ideas for upping the Christmas spirit of your yard, building exterior and, of course, your fence.

Put a wreath on it

What could be easier, yet also classy and timeless? Choose a fragrant pine wreath, a straw wreath, or any other type of wreath, and stick it on your door. Done.


The most essential Christmas decoration, lights brighten up the dreariest winter nights. While there’s an old-timey beauty to incandescent lights, LEDs are much more ecological and economical. Or, get even more eco with solar lights. Perfect for Texas.



You can use inexpensive, sparkly garlands on your porch or in other places with some protection from the elements. But buy a sturdier garland rated for outdoor use for more exposed parts of the yard. We recommend a lovely faux scotch pine, with or without LED lights, to wrap around your fence.


Delight neighborhood children and freak out timid dogs—or maybe vice versa—with a Christmas inflatable. Nowadays you can get anything from an elf to a Yeti to a T Rex with a moving head.

Ready for a new fence?

Line a pathway

Line your yard’s pathways with stylish decorations on spikes. Reindeer and giant lollipops are Christmas classics.

Nativity scenes

For those of a religious bent, nothing tops a nativity scene. After all, what’s Christmas without the nativity?

Outdoor Christmas Tree

Who says you have to drag a tree inside? Decorate a living tree in your front or backyard with lights and ornaments and share Christmas beauty with passers-by. But it’s probably advisable to keep your gifts inside.

Call us for an upgrade

Is your gate looking a little sad compared to all this Christmas bling? Is it time to fix some broken slats or rehang a gate? Call your friends at Buzz today and we’ll make sure your gate looks as beautiful as your Christmas décor.

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