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Vinyl Lattice fence

Did your grandmother decorate her house with lace doilies? Well, lattice is like the doilies of the fencing world. Too much is fussy and suffocating. But a touch here and there adds beauty and a homey quality. Here are a few ways you can use lattice to spiff up your outdoor area.

Lattice Privacy Screens

In case you need some vocabulary help, lattice is a decorative pattern made of skinny strips of wood. And doilies are those lace thingamajigs that resemble coasters but your grandmother might or might not want you to set your drink down on them.
Okay, back to lattice. It’s more than ornamental. Strategically place a freestanding lattice panel in your yard and you instantly add privacy. Garden-spaced lattice has three-inch openings. Put up this type of panel and you’ll start to set a boundary between you and your nosy neighbors. Privacy latticework has 1 ½ inch openings, setting a clearer boundary. This isn’t quite enough privacy if you’re skinny-dipping in your hot tub. In that case, call us and we’ll build you a nice opaque fence.

lattice privacy screen

Lattice as a Fence Extender

What if your fence isn’t quite tall enough? A foot or two of lattice on top boosts its height. Of course, you’ll still be subject to city codes, so check these before tacking that lattice on top.

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Lattice to Set off a Cozy Area

Lattice is a useful design element in your yard. Say you want to set off certain areas for different purposes. Just like an open loft apartment versus a regular house, lattice panels can act like walls to delineate space in your yard. Say you have a deck where you like to read on your chaise longue. A lattice panel or two will convert the deck to your outdoor den. You can train vines over it to further incorporate the lattice into your yard’s flora.

Here to Help

Lots of people install lattice themselves. It’s a fairly easy project for avid do-it-yourselfers. But if you’re busy, not so handy with a drill or just have other interests, give your friends at Buzz a call. We’re here to help with all things fence.