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If you look at online spring cleaning checklists, you’ll notice you’re supposed to wax floors and wash window treatments, and even vacuum the ceiling and polish window hardware, for crying out loud. But what about that important someone in your life that protects your home like a modern moat, ensuring safety, privacy and maintaining your property line? That’s right, we’re talking about your fence. Standing outside in all weather, that forgotten sentinel needs springtime love, too.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl is one of the easier fence materials to clean. All you’ll need is a hose, cleaning solution, soft rags, a gentle scrub brush and some elbow grease.
Start by spraying your fence with the hose. This may be enough to get off most of the dirt. Look for grass stains, chalky buildup or other blemishes and move in with your cloth or scrub brush. You can use a mild detergent, a specially formulated fence cleaner or a vinegar solution to remove stains.

Wood fences

A regular hose may not be strong enough to clean your wood fence. If your fence is really dirty – or if you think using power tools is neato – rent or borrow a power washer for the day.
Homeowners with carefully tended lawns will want to lay plastic sheeting down to protect that hard-earned grass from cleaning solutions. Next, apply your chosen cleaning solution to the fence and let it soak in. You can buy a specially formulated solution at the hardware store, or make your own cleaner with 1 part bleach and 2 parts water. Wait up to 15 minutes, until the fence looks noticeably brighter and cleaner, then spray it with the hose. Or the power washer, if you’re going that route. You should set the power washer onto its widest spray setting and hold it at least 12 inches from the fence. Get too close, and you’ll cause damage.
Once your clean wood fence has air dried, you can touch it up with stain.

Chain link, aluminum, and steel fences

Do you have children? If not, can you borrow some? Cleaning a steel, chain link or aluminum fence is easy enough that you can delegate it to the kids. Usually, spraying the fence with your hose is sufficient. Extra-dirty spots can be scrubbed with a soft bristle brush and soapy water.

The joy of clean

At Buzz, a clean fence fills our hearts with joy. We’re sure you, too, will appreciate the difference a tidy fence makes to your home and yard. If your fence is getting old and tired and you think it might need repair or a replacement, give us a call.