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February is the perfect time to start dreaming of outdoor entertaining. Especially in Texas, as our best weather is only a month or two away.
At Buzz Custom Fence, we are obviously best known for our fences. However, we are also patio pros. We can build that dream patio where you’ll enjoy events with kids, grandkids, friends and neighbors.
Patio designs, features and materials are endless. But today let’s look at a very popular patio material: flagstone.

What is flagstone?

The word “flagstone” is used generically to describe flat slabs of various types of sedimentary rocks that split into layers. The type of stone used to make flagstone varies regionally. In the Northeast U.S., bluestone is common. Indiana quarries limestone, while Montana and British Columbia have plenty of basalt. You’ll find travertine in Oklahoma and Texas, and sandstone throughout the Southwest. All are called flagstone, and all have their own colors, pros and cons.

What makes flagstone patios great?

flagstone patio
Flickr/Caviness Landscape Design

Depending on the material, your flagstones might be earthy tones of reds, blues, browns or grays. They lend a natural, organic look to your patio. Flagstone is good for your landscaping, because water permeates the paving stones, rather than running off. It’s naturally durable and slip-resistant.

Freedom of design

Are you somebody who likes a manicured, ordered garden? Or do you like your plants to run a bit wild? Order-loving folks can choose cut flagstones and lay them in a recurring pattern, such as rectangles. For a less formal look, pick a variety of sizes and shapes for what is often called “crazy paving.” You can fill gaps with mortar, groundcover or small rocks.

Ready for a new fence

Flagstones and plants

Many of our customers like to soften their patio look and add some greenery by planting between the flagstones. Some of the most successful types of plants to incorporate into your flagstone patio include dichondra, mint, moss, sedum, baby tears and thyme.

We design patios

Tempted by a patio but not sure where to start? Call your friends at Buzz and we will consult with you on the best design for your home, yard and lifestyle. Whether you want to do yoga in your garden, play catch with your kids or host wild pre-game barbecues, we’ll design a patio you’ll love. Call us today so your new patio will be ready for our beautiful Texas springtime.