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The white picket fence may be a symbol of the American dream, but in recent years metal fencing has been giving this Americana standard a run for its money.

Metal fencing has been gaining popularity among homeowners who yearn for clean lines, flexibility, and low-maintenance solutions for their property that also happen to lean upscale.

Long gone are the days of rigid metal materials that are not easy to customize to your style. Today’s metal fencing — aluminum, steel, ornamental wrought iron, chain link — is available in a variety of options, colors and unique finishes.

At Buzz Custom Fence, we can help you design and install the perfect metal fencing and gates for your one-of-a-kind Texas property. Not only do we know what’s on trend — we also know the ins and outs of your city’s fencing codes and will make sure there are no permit surprises.

Types of Metal Fencing

WROUGHT IRONiron driveway gate

Although modern metal fencing may look like wrought iron, it’s usually steel — which is more widely available and just as strong as its traditional, hand-forged counterpart but not nearly as expensive, heavy or difficult to install.

Modern wrought iron can be molded into intricate Victorian shapes as well as modern geometric designs.

Buzz Custom Fence only uses the highest quality iron fences with an exclusive perma-plus paint powder coating that provides an even longer-lasting finish than most painted iron fences. This coating is waterproof and bug-resistant.

Termites, wood-infesting beetles and carpenter ants? Yes, they can be a worry for wood fencing in Texas, but you don’t have to worry about them doing a thing to your metal fencing.

On top of being upscale and elegant, wrought iron fencing provides a secure perimeter around your home. The vertical posts are difficult for intruders to climb, and you can add ornamental finials to the pickets as an extra deterrent.

Picket styles include pressed spears, triad spears and fleur-de-lis, for starters. And you can pick post caps that complement the style of your home. For instance, try a hospitality pineapple for your Colonial or large orbs for your Victorian.

Need further proof that modern wrought iron is versatile? You can easily mix and match a specific color directly off a color wheel. Sanding, priming and painting with rust-resistant primer and paint is easy to do.

ALUMINUMaluminum pool gate

Aluminum fencing appears similar to wrought iron, but it’s typically available at a lower price point and is lighter and easier to install.

The most lightweight fences are made of tubular aluminum, which weighs in about four times lighter than steel.

At Buzz, our aluminum fences require very little maintenance because of our DuPont Platinum certified system coating process that renders the fence resistant to rust, even where the base of the post touches the ground.

Fences with this treatment can survive both acidic areas and high-moisture areas — so whether you reside in humid Texas or arid Texas, your fence will be long-lasting.

Aluminum fencing is also eco-friendly because it is composed of recycled materials. Because these fences are manufactured, they come in various styles and colors. Homeowners often find that even the standard powder coating colors — green, brown, white, black — perfectly pair with their home aesthetic.

Buzz Custom Fence offers two- and three-rail horizontal designs for a modern vibe. Two rails work well for shorter fences, and fences 6 feet or taller will require three rails.


Did you know that the most ubiquitous and affordable metal fencing — chain-link — has an interesting and proud history?

It was first manufactured in 1844 in England by Barnard, Bishop and Barnard when the company used traditional cloth-weaving techniques to weave together strips of wire instead. By the turn of the century, chain-link fencing was in the United States and making a name for itself by being an economical fence solution.

In modern times, chain-link fencing is not allowed in most Texas cities due to residential code restrictions. It still remains a popular choice, however, for commercial projects, park projects and landowners who live in rural areas with lots of land or animals to contain.

Buzz Custom Fence offers modern versions of this enduring fencing material. Stainless steel is the most popular material for chain-link fencing. Fence height can vary widely. For instance, a home fence could be as short as 3 feet and tennis court fencing could be as tall as 20 feet.

A few other variables include gauge size and grid size.

The lower the gauge, the stronger the wire, with 6 being the strongest and 13 being the lightest (and usually used for temporary fencing). Homeowners usually choose 11 gauge, and commercial projects typically use 9 gauge.

The grid size refers to the distance between the wires. The smaller the spacing, the more secure the fence.

At Buzz, we offer chain-link fencing coated with colored polyester, PVC or vinyl to limit corrosion. Coatings also allow for color; green and black can help a fence blend into the background.

Metal Fencing: Advantages

If you’re still on the fence about metal fencing, perhaps thinking of it as the opposite of wooden fencing will help.


Unlike wood, which can dry out, rot or warp, metal fencing needs very little maintenance to stay in good shape. Rodents and pests, which cause problems with wood fences, pose no threat to metal fencing. In fact, certain metal fencing ( solid steel, cast-iron or tubular-aluminum ) can last a lifetime. Chain-link fencing with a galvanized finish is the longest-lasting type of fence.


Metal fences provide you security without blocking your view. If you’re looking for a little privacy, however, you can plant flowers or a thick hedge against your wrought iron or aluminum fencing.  For chain-link privacy, Buzz contractors can install security slats made of vinyl or painted wood.


Wrought iron and aluminum fencing are difficult to climb because of their slick surface. It’s also hard to knock down or break, so it does a good job of keeping intruders out. Additionally, sharp picket ornaments on wrought iron fencing can further deter anyone tempted to breach your property.


Metal fencing is available in a variety of colors and styles that can match your aesthetic.  Arguably the most elegant fencing material available, wrought iron can be as simple or ornate as your individual taste. Metal fencing is also compatible with nearly any application, residential or commercial, including security, parking lots, construction zones, bike trail barriers, sporting venues, back yards, entrance gates, etc.

Metal Fencing: What About Rust?

The big question when it comes to metal fencing is, “OK, but what about the rust?!”

At Buzz, we can tell you that rust is a non-issue.

For wrought iron fences, we use an exclusive perma-plus paint powder coating that is waterproof. Our aluminum fences are coated using a DuPont Platinum rust-proof certified system. And our chain-link fencing is coated in colored polyester, PVC or vinyl to limit rusting.

Here are some other things you can do to protect your metal fencing:

  1. Apply a protective coat of wax to your fence to ward off rust, especially if your fence is near a pool.
  2. Clean your fence and gates with a mixture of warm water and dish detergent, then rinse with water and let it dry completely.
  3. Inspect your fence often to find chipped paint, rust or damage. Most wrought iron fence problems can be easily fixed.
  4. Repair rust spots by using sandpaper or steel wool to remove the rust, then stop the corrosion by applying wax, then repaint it by spraying on a glossy top coat to match your existing fence.
  5. Expect to fully repaint your fence every 10-15 years.

If you are unsure about a repair, feel free to call Buzz Custom Fence.

Metal Fencing: DIY or Call Buzz?

Many home-improvement stores have started selling metal fencing kits to make it easier for homeowners to purchase and install the fence themselves. While this might seem like an easy cost-saving task at the beginning, building a metal fence can quickly turn into a larger, time-consuming headache.

For this reason, it’s best to leave your metal fence installation to an expert contractor such as the team at Buzz Custom Fence.

What could go wrong? Here is a short list of common pitfalls that could occur as you try to install your fence:

  1. You have an unusually shaped yard. If the area you are working on is not a simple rectangle, you’ll have to custom order more posts to make sure you have enough.
  2. Your soil is rocky or difficult to dig into. Or you forgot to mark underground utilities and accidentally damaged them while digging.
  3. You haven’t researched the building codes and permits for your city/area, and you built a fence that isn’t the right height or material. Or you didn’t check with your homeowner’s association before the build. Buzz can help make sure you’re in line with permits before we get started.
  4. Not everything comes with the kit. A short list includes: shovel; post hole digger; tape measure; level; wheelbarrow; string; screwdriver; gravel; stakes; fast-setting concrete (one 60-lb. bag per post); set stakes and lines
  5. You didn’t let the concrete set long enough, and your posts eventually wobble and fail.

Metal Fencing: Trends for 2021wood fence iron gate

Here at Buzz, we are aware of the latest trends for metal fencing and gates, and we are here to make your modern fence a reality.

Mid-century modern styles are still widely requested, but homeowners are starting to lean toward Art Deco styles by asking for darker fence colors and wrought iron in geometric shapes and smooth lines.

The most popular trend we are seeing this year is mixing materials, especially in these combinations:

  • Combining a wood fence with a metal gate
  • Black metal supports with a wood fence
  • Solid privacy fencing, with one sheet of corrugated metal framed by wooden posts. These hybrid fences are versatile because you can add ledges to place lights, plants or other decorative items.
  • Ultra modern, ultra functional mix of horizontal wood and metal
  • Mixing and matching styles, such as metal fencing around the pool and wood privacy fencing around the yard; or metal fencing on one side of the yard to preserve a view and privacy fencing on the other sides.

You can combine stone or concrete bases and posts with wood, metal, vinyl or ornamental fences of any kind. Just make sure to call on Buzz Custom Fence’s experts to install your highly customized metal fencing.

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