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kid on fenceAs parents know, the arrival of little ones means that form takes a backseat to function in home décor. Maybe you used to pick the season’s trendiest colors, but now you’re more likely to pick one that hides grape juice stains. In the same way, instead of the most elegant fence, you’ve probably wondered which is going to keep that sneaky bundle of energy the safest. Don’t worry, your friends at Buzz know all about kids and fences.

Safety First

Safety is the biggest reason parents think about building a fence. A fence helps keep your child on your property, safe from cars, unsavory strangers and other hazards. If you have a swimming pool, a fence becomes exponentially important. Swimming pools are many kids’ favorite thing about summer, but are all too often dangerous.
Every municipality has its own rules about fences and pools. The State of Texas requires that a fence 48 inches or higher enclose residential swimming pools. Gaps at the bottom mush be less than four inches. Gates must be self-closing and self-latching, and open outward away from the pool yard.
Of course, children are often smarter and more determined than they look. No matter the height of the fence, it’s no substitute for teaching your kid to obey and respect boundaries, whether literal, like a fence, or figurative.

No Climb Zone

As mentioned above, where there’s a will, there’s a way. So how do you slow the little darlings down enough so you have a prayer of catching them? First, if you’re considering chain link, choose openings of no more than 1.25 inches, so tiny feet can’t get in and find traction. And don’t even think about horizontal split rails. We’re thinking tall, pointed pickets. With sharp finials for good measure. (Just kidding!)
Make sure your landscaping isn’t assisting in an escape. Don’t plant easy-to-climb trees right by the fence. And keep that lawn furniture far away.

Ready for a new fence?

Fences Can be Fun

Really, we didn’t mean it about the finials. Instead, try making your fence fun enough that your kids want to stay inside.
If your kids like to draw, consider attaching a chalkboard to the inside of your fence and providing them with a bucket of colored chalk. If you’re an extremely patient parent with neighbors you want to avoid and musically-inclined kids, you can turn your fence into a musical instrument by attaching things that make noise, such as pots, pans and toy xylophones. What’s that? You want to know where to buy chalk?

Here to Help

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