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Black Aluminum Fence with Driveway Gate
Many of our customers are drawn to the classic look of a wrought iron fence and wonder if they could get the same results from aluminum. Like most questions about fencing materials, the answer is that each type has its advantages and disadvantages.


Iron fences rust. Aluminum fences don’t. People who want to minimize home maintenance tasks will appreciate this about aluminum. The ability to resist rust and corrosion means an aluminum fence will maintain its strength better than iron, and you’ll never need to paint it. At Buzz Custom Fence, we use DuPont Platinum certified system coating process to further protect your fence from rust, even where the base of the post meets the ground. The standard coating colors are brown, white, green or black. Our aluminum fences thrive in almost any environment, from high moisture to arid or acidic conditions.

But if you opt for a custom ornamental iron, our exclusive perma-plus paint powder coating has you covered there, too. This coating guarantees a long-lasting finish that slows down the rusting process and additional maintenance.

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Aluminum fencing is lighter and more flexible than iron. This means it may be more suitable for round or curved configurations, or for steeply graded landscape. Iron is still a good choice for straight lines but Aluminum gives us the flexibility to make the fencing adapt to the surroundings.

wrought iron fencing


Iron is heavier and stronger than aluminum. For high-security situations, iron might be the way to go for your fence. It also stands up better to heavy usage like commercial garages. We can install high security fencing to protect your business and keep unwanted visitors off your property.

Aluminum is less heavy-duty and therefore more damage-prone than iron. If you do choose aluminum, consider that it comes in different qualities, from residential to industrial grades.

History and Aesthetics

The phrase “wrought iron fences” conjures visions of historic districts, such as New Orleans’ French Quarter. As a phrase, “aluminum fences” lacks the same cachet. If you’re a fan of the ancient craft of wrought iron – with all its finials and other decorative details – aluminum might feel second-rate. At Buzz, we offer a wide variety of designs, shapes and colors in custom ornamental iron. Add some iron spikes for extra security. If you don’t like the standard black, brown, green, bronze or white, you can select custom colors from a color wheel.

Cost and Conclusion

For many consumers, cost gets the final word. Aluminum costs less than iron, so if you’re on a budget and like a low-maintenance lifestyle, it may be a better fit. But if you need a strong fence for frequent use and cost is not a problem, go with wrought iron.

At Buzz Custom Fence, we love to design and install both aluminum and wrought iron fence. Call us today to further discuss the pros and cons, or to start on the path towards building your dream fence.

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