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Worley Driveway Gate

A sagging gate makes a sad first impression. Nobody wants an unloved gate to be what greets guests when they drop by your home or business. But broken or ailing gates can also be safety and security hazards. Here are some things to look for when assessing your gate’s health.

How secure are you?

The aim of both business and residential security gates is to protect you and your stuff. Ideally, your gate looks so tough that no derelicts even consider messing with it. It’s especially vital that an electric gate works properly. Any malfunctions and you should call your friends at Buzz to review your security.

Is your automatic gate opening?

One of the most common issues for electric gates – whether at your private home, business, or gated community—is not opening right. Or maybe not opening at all. Before you call us, did you check the batteries? If it still won’t open after you change the batteries, time to call in some backup.

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Is your gate off track?

Whether automatic or manual, sliding gates sometimes jump their tracks or get jammed. Dirt and grime may be the cause of jamming; grease buildup, dirt and other nasties are no friends to your gate. Give the tracks a good cleaning and see if things improve.

Over time, tracks can also become misaligned.  A serious misalignment requires professional help.

Is your gate opening in the wrong place?

Automatic gates sometimes malfunction because a part called the limit switch nut is failing. If you notice that your gate isn’t opening and closing to its proper place, you might need help with this gizmo.

Is your gate simply sad and sagging?

Maybe you don’t have an automatic gate, but a humble old manual one. Over time, parts shift. Your gate may not hang as proudly as it did when it was young. Call your friends at Buzz and we can help determine if gate repair is possible or if it’s time to get a new one.

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