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Vinyl FenceIf you’re looking for a sturdy, low-maintenance fence for your home or business, consider vinyl. Although the manufacturing process varies slightly for different manufacturers, all vinyl fences are made of high-tech polyvinyl compounds that stand up to wear and tear better than most other fence materials. For more specifics, read this short article to learn about the durability of a new vinyl fence.

Ultraviolet Resistant
Early forms of vinyl fencing were essential PVC pipe flattened and extruded to look like lumber. Although the product was durable, the polyvinyl chloride would degrade and turn yellow after a short time in the sun. Titanium oxide was added to the mixture to give the vinyl UV resistance.

Today’s vinyl fence manufacturers add titanium oxide only to the outer layers of the fencing where it does the most good while also reducing costs.

Flexibility and Tensile Strength
Thanks to the high-tech polyvinyl compounds used in today’s vinyl fencing, you can expect your new vinyl fence to have five times the tensile strength of wood. Vinyl is also four times more flexible than wood, meaning it’s very difficult to stretch or tear apart. Vinyl fences are impervious to many other problems commonly associated with wood fencing, including rot, splintering, and termites.

Lifetime Warranty
Vinyl fence manufacturers are so confident in the durability of their fences that each one if backed by the manufacturer with a lifetime, limited warranty. A lifetime warranty can come in handy as a bargaining chip or as extra incentive when showing your home to potential buyers, should the day ever come when you decide to sell.

Buzz Custom Fence can help you choose the vinyl fencing style that works best for your home or business. Stop by and visit us in Fort Worth or call us at (817) 263-9788 to schedule your initial consultation with one of our highly skilled fencing designers. You can also visit our website to see our previous work and the types of fences we offer.