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When deciding on a name for our Dallas-Fort Worth Fence Company, we wanted a name that would describe our customer service philosophy and convey a new attitude in the fence industry. So, why Buzz Custom Fence? Because of the amazing bee, of course! In bee hives, each member is important to the survival and success of the hive.
Similarly, we believe that each member of our team is critical to the success of your job. Alone, one bee can’t do much; but together, bees accomplish amazing things. That’s why we’re confident in our slogan—“We Promise a Lot and Deliver More”—because we have a team of amazing people who can accomplish anything. 

No matter how big or small your fencing needs are, contact Buzz Custom Fence first. Call us at 817-263-9788 or contact us online to get in touch with one of our fence design experts. We proudly serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Weatherford, Granbury, and Waxahachie.



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