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Home Owners Associations, or HOAs, can be fantastic—they help to ensure that there is a uniform cleanliness to your neighborhood; no couches on the front lawn, overgrown jungles for bushes or unsightly decks and other distracting backyard paraphernalia. HOAs can also be overwhelming, especially to a new homeowner or a homeowner looking to add features to their home, like a new fence.

First Steps

Before spending time looking at a catalog of fences, review the architectural guidelines provided by your HOA. These guidelines should provide information like the type of fence (wood, aluminum, etc.) you are allowed to install and the allowed height.
While reviewing the architectural guidelines, also get an understanding of your common responsibilities. These are your fees and fines for non-compliance or other dues that may be related to adding a new fence.
Do some research. Ask your neighbors who have fences about their experience with getting a new fence. Some questions to consider:

Ready for a new fence?

  • What paperwork was involved?
  • How strict was the HOA when it came to your fence?
  • Did adding a fence change your annual HOA dues?

If your HOA doesn’t allow new fences and you really want privacy and security for your home, there are a couple things you can do. suggests:

  • Making a written request for variance by using the appropriate HOA form in your CC&R documents. A variance gives you permission to be the exception to the rule. Submit your request to the board and property management company.
  • Seek a compromise.

Get the Fence

Wood Fence installed by Buzz Custom Fence in a homeowner's backyard
If your HOA allows you to install a fence, be sure to pick a fence with their guidelines in mind. While installing your fence, keep a copy of all the associated documents—approvals from the HOA, blueprints, letters, appeals etc. If you unfortunately have to prove that the HOA did in fact approve your fence, you have all the documents to back you up.
Now that you have your fence in order with the HOA, enjoy it! Not sure where to start? Buzz Custom Fence can help you find the fence that’s right for you and one that meets your HOA guidelines. Contact us today!