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You can’t have a fence in Texas without a gate. Many homeowners and businesses like to have their gates as customized as fencing. Allow our team of master welders to custom design a gate to your specifications. Popular throughout Texas, is incorporating the Lone Star symbol into a driveway or walkway gate. In the above example, a Lone Star was added to a custom wood and black iron gate that accents the surrounding cedar board on board fencing. The project was completed in Aledo, Texas by Buzz Custom Fence and shows the design options available. We serve most metro areas of Texas and are a gate installer for Dallas, Fort-Worth, Austin and Houston.

Residential Gate Installation

Gates provide secure and controlled access to the front door of your home, pool or driveway. Buzz frequently works with homeowners looking to enhance curb appeal in addition to security and privacy. We even work with HOA’s and real estate developers breaking ground on a gated community. Feel free to upload gate design options from HGTV, your neighborhood or online and we can quote the cost for a similar look. We’ll help you consider building materials, your property’s style, maintenance, weather challenges, and the amount of traffic using the gate, to make sure your gate fits your fence and your residential lifestyle.

Commercial Gates

Many businesses want a gate that can improve perimeter security, reduce liability and handle vehicle traffic needs. Get a free quote from Buzz and complimentary gate inspection. We do it all, from stylish gates that enhance a boutique inn, to security gates that open to accommodate 18-wheelers at your industrial site. No matter how large or small your company, we’ll make sure the gate is just the right size.

Our most popular gate materials options include:

  • Wood Gates. Wood gates are a classic look for residential or commercial properties. Redwood, cedar and cypress are top choices.
  • Wrought Iron Gates. Reminiscent of Europe, wrought iron gates lend elegance to homes and businesses. This material is both beautiful and durable, and allows for many custom touches.
  • Vinyl Gates. Vinyl gates are a more modern option. Our clients appreciate the easy maintenance and range of colors.
  • Chain Link Gates. Chain link is popular for industrial and commercial gate applications. It’s a strong and functional material that allows for clear sight-lines.
  • Mixed Materials. One trend is combining materials, like wood and iron to enhance and improve the overall strength and gate design.

Automatic Gates and Openers

We also offer manual or automatic drive gates that can be customized to fit your exact needs. Many of our customers pick solar openers, while others opt for tried and true electric. A custom-designed walk or driveway gate is a great finishing touch for any fence, and our gate installation experts are ready to serve you.

If you need a special gate for a commercial project, we are happy to help. We can meet the fence and gate needs of apartment complexes, gated neighborhoods and ranches, as well as factories and corporate campuses.

All of our work is backed by the Buzz warranty. Our slogan is, “We promise a lot and deliver more.” We are confident that when you work with us, you will quickly realize just how seriously we take that promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a gate installed?
Pricing depends on the type of gate, material and extra features like automatic openers and motors.

How much does a motorized gate cost?
Motorized gate costs are determined by the build material and extra feature and functionality.

How much is a driveway gate?
A driveway gates cost will depend on factors like the material, motor and extra features like remote controls.

How wide should my driveway gate be?
Your driveway gate should be wide enough to allow large cars and trucks to pass. If you live on a farm make sure it is wide enough for your tractor and other equipment to pass.

See What Our Customers Say
Homeowner in Arlington, TX
This company was amazing. After a serious rain storm, an entire section of my fence caved in. There was no way to mend this. The entire fence needed to be repaired, but I couldn’t afford that at the moment, so I started looking for assistance. I spoke to Todd who asked me a lot of questions about what exactly I needed done and how I wanted it done, which was great. I told him what style I wanted, that I need the wooden post replaced with metal, an entirely new entrance gate installed, and I was even willing to pay extra to have him finish the wood for me. Since I could not afford to have the entire fence redone, I asked him to install new fencing on all sides facing the street (I live on a corner lot). Since I work a lot, Todd agreed to go to my home and do the estimate with me not having to be present. His sight/written estimate was excellent. I expected it to cost more. He did have a few jobs to finish before he could get to mine, but he told me that he would probably start on a certain date and that is exactly what happened. I came home from work to a beautiful new fence. I even asked Todd to pick the finish for the fence (anything, but red). I asked him to pick a color that would compliment the bricks of my house and he did. I am elated. He did an amazing job.
Homeowner in Fort Worth, TX
They did a very good job; I’ve actually used them in the past. They sent out a full crew the same day I called and did the gate in a couple of hours. They were very efficient and cleaned up their mess. I’m very happy with the finished product. Their prices are reasonable.
Hoyt at Buzz fence did a great job. The fence is every bit what I was expecting. We made a few last minute requests for the finally look and he is getting us the boards to complete the job. The 14' gate is VERY strong! Looks and works great.
Colton, as always, did a great job, identifying the problem, making the adjustments and going above and beyond to be sure the gate was operating at peak performance!

Good price - nice finished look, willing to work with customer

Bob | Aledo, TX
The only negative is that Buzz fence is so busy it takes a while to get the job done, but, I guess, that's a good thing. There was an issue that one of the gates got installed backwards, but Hoyte took care of that promptly once notified of the issue.


EMMA | Dallas, TX
Good service once you convince them to come out without giving you the third degree. I had to call Home Depot who I initially started with and the green sky who financed it just to get help for my gate. I’ve never been late in paying my bill and only had my fence for approximately two (2) years. The cost was a little high for what was wrong but I do understand the price of gas but some type of warranty should have been considered. These are my opinion and concerns.

Outstanding Service

RON | Dallas, TX
Gilbert put up a protective wood fence for our alley with 2 gates in 1 day with no help and did outstanding quality work.