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chandor gardens

We recently helped the City of Weatherford, Texas with a new fence at Chandor Gardens. The goal was to develop and build a fence that would flow with the stairs at the entrance while still maintaining an open view of the gardens.

About Chandor Gardens

Chandor Gardens offers visitors a winding, wandering path through 3.5 acres of Texas’s Western Cross Timbers area. The nature path covers two ecosystem sub-areas with their own wide varieties of natural features. Here, visitors can see species of trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers, all while enjoying the vibrant wonder of the outdoors.

Naturally, this area calls for fencing that would both help preserve the natural beauty of the area while also allowing visitors to see and experience it for themselves.

The Fence Installation Project

Our territory manager in Weatherford, Hoyt Harris worked with city staff throughout the development process, which involved choosing the right materials and design for the new fence. One of the main challenges was the steep slope following the stairs. Care needed to be taken to make sure the fence’s design would flow along with the change in elevation.

Metal, iron fencing in a Western-style was a natural fit for this project, with iron bars giving a full view of the surrounding plant life, while not being a distraction with too much flair. Puppy pickets were chosen for the lower portion of the fence to protect small children while not distracting anyone from the view.

To handle the slope, 4’ sections of fence were used instead of the standard 8’, allowing the fence to follow the grade more closely without leaving major gaps at ground level. The project was completed on March 16, 2022, with beautiful results! The first wedding pictures with the stairs and new fence in the background in the garden were done a day later with Allie and Brett Soter from Aledo.

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In addition to Weatherford’s Chandor Gardens, we’ve completed thousands of metal fencing and gate projects in various locations and applications. If you have an upcoming project, contact Buzz Custom Fence. We’ll help you select the right materials, styles, and overall design to meet your needs.

chandor gardens