A Good Fence For The Best Defense

Transform your chain link fence into security fencing. Customize your fence size, choose various add-ons and view the different options that can help take your security to another level. Security fencing can be considered a different breed of chain link fencing because it usually combines wire mesh fencing fabrics or panels and add-ons like toppers such as barbed wire, concertina wire or spikes. Our team can help create a custom fence to match your look while surpassing security standards.

Security fences are made from chain link, welded mesh, woven wire mesh or expanded metal. You can customize the height and length of your security fence based on the area you need to surround as a temporary or permanent solution.

Speaking of customizing, from security fencing panels to spikes and more, security fencing can come in a variety of styles. Fencing panels or fabrics, for example, include welded wire mesh, chain link, expanded metal, knotted wire fence and more. Fencing panels are also great for temporary added security—you can add them on fences for work sites to protect workers and others.

Increase levels of security against intrusion, vandalism or damage with add-ons like security fence spikes. These toppers, in addition to add-ons like barbed wire, surround secured property for additional protection. Barbed wire, anti-climb spikes, spear tops, concertina coils (crossed razor barbed wire) and razor wire will certainly amp up your security.

Browse our line of chain link and security fencing options to learn how our fencing system can provide perimeter security. Ready to get started or have any questions? Contact us today!