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Fence installations have been on the rise, and that’s due in part to homeowners prioritizing security and privacy in the last few years. Outdoor improvements to a home can help increase the property’s value while also being a great asset for current homeowners.

Fences On the Rise for Outdoor Improvements

Fencing and other backyard improvements that add value have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. There are a few reasons for this, including the shift in priorities many homeowners have felt since the pandemic.

Upward Trend in Outdoor Home Improvements

From the years of 2019 to 2020, there was a 21% increase in outdoor living structure projects, indicating that more people are focusing on their homes’ outdoor areas. Those projects included decks, porches, and fences, to name a few.It appears that people have found an increased desire to spend more time outdoors while relaxing at home, which is understandable considering the isolation that resulted from the pandemic during that time.

Fence Installations on the Rise

Fence installations in particular have seen a dramatic increase. One report indicated that in 2020, there was 166% more interest in fencing projects among homeowners over the year before. These projects included both repairs and new installations, indicating an increasing trend toward privacy and security. Fences can also improve the aesthetic quality of your backyard, making it more pleasant to spend time there with family and friends.

Fewer Obstacles for Texas Homeowners

In Texas specifically, there have been fewer obstacles to fencing installations. For instance, Senate Bill 1588, which was passed in 2021, secures homeowners’ rights to build security fences on their property. While HOAs can still dictate the types of fences that are acceptable, they cannot prohibit homeowners from building these fences altogether.

With one less obstacle to building privacy fences, more homeowners appear to be showing interest in doing so. There hasn’t been a better time to install a new fence in Texas than now.

Ways Fencing Your Property Adds Value

When it comes to outdoor home improvement ideas, a new fence can add value to a home. While it depends on the property, your neighborhood, and the quality of the fence, a new fence could be beneficial for your home’s resale value in the following ways.

  • Increasing privacy by obscuring the view from neighbors
  • Making the property more secure
  • Making the property safer for pets or children
  • Bringing the home up to the same standards as surrounding properties
  • Increasing curb appeal if visible from the front

Fences not only play a functional role in keeping your home secure, but they also have an aesthetic impact as well. A small picket fence or wrought iron fencing around the front yard could dramatically transform the way your home looks to passersby, potentially increasing its resale value.

If you’re interested a new fence for your property, the first step is to contact a qualified fencing contractor for a quote.

Backyard Fence FAQs

How can I improve my back yard?

Decks, patios, gardens, and new fencing can all improve a backyard area. A new fence, for example, can improve the privacy of your yard and add to its aesthetic appeal.

Does a backyard improvement increase property value?

It depends on various factors, including landscaping and outdoor features, but your back yard can affect the value to your home.

Does fencing increase home value?

There are various factors at work here, but a high quality privacy fence could increase the value of your home, especially if it helps bring your home up to the same standard as neighboring properties.

Custom Fence Options in Texas

If you’re looking for options for your back yard, Buzz Custom Fence can help you set up a new fence for your home. We have a wide range of custom options to choose from, including:

  • Fence and gate security add-ons
  • Privacy add-ons, such as noise abatement panels, board-on-board designs, and kickboards
  • Design add-ons, such as post caps, finials, latticework, accents, pet portholes, and more

If you live around Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, or San Antonio, Buzz Custom Fence is happy to inspect your current fence or gate and give you a free estimate on a new installation. All estimates are made within 48 hours and have no obligations attached. We can replace or repair your current fence, or we install an entirely new one built to your specifications. To learn more or to get started, get in touch today.