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white vinyl fence
Vinyl is one of the best choices in material for an affordable, low-maintenance, long-lasting fence. However, it’s not easy to do a good job of painting a vinyl fence, so you want to carefully consider your options before choosing a color.

The Lowdown on PVC

The first vinyl fences were made as an offshoot of the PVC pipe industry. But fences, unlike your average pipe, are exposed to lots of sunlight. Over time, ultraviolet rays from the sun break down PVC, causing those early vinyl fences to sag and quickly become sorry-looking. To combat this problem, fence manufacturers added titanium dioxide. This ingredient inhibits UV rays, which isn’t surprising, as titanium dioxide is also a common sunscreen ingredient. Since titanium dioxide has a white pigment, this chemical mix lends itself better to light-colored fences. Which is one reason you’ve probably seen more vinyl fences in white and tan than black or fuchsia. Well, that and good taste.

What about Dark Colors?

While it’s possible to manufacture vinyl fences in dark colors, we don’t recommend these fences for the Texas sun. Since vinyl expands when it gets hot – and dark colors absorb heat – your black fence might start to resemble taffy. Worst case scenario, it gives up entirely and winds up flat on its back. Not a good look for a proud Texan’s yard. Many fence companies don’t offer these dark colors, because they don’t trust them to stand up to a warranty.

Regional Trends

White is the most popular color for vinyl fencing, especially in the South, Northwest and Midwest. Californians favor almond colored vinyl fences. In Texas and other parts of the Southwest, many home owners choose desert tones of almond and beige. Notice these are all light colors.
One thing to keep in mind: If your house is mostly painted in dark or bright tones, almond or beige will be a subtler contrast than a stark white fence.

Ready for a new fence?


What if you’re dead set on an unusual fence color? Say you’re a Longhorns fan and you won’t rest until your compound is enclosed by a burnt orange fence. Well, it’s possible. Manufacturers can make a vinyl fence in any color you want, if you’re willing to shop around, pay extra, and face the wrath (or envy, if they’re Longhorns fans, too) of your neighbors. Again, no lifetime warranty. But you probably don’t care.

Your Color Consultants

At Buzz, we have many years of discerning a good-looking fence from an ugly one. We’re happy to listen to your color ideas and give you our honest opinion. Give us a call today.