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fence post caps
Many people consider fence post caps – if they consider them at all – purely decorative. However, this is false. The top part of your fence posts are the most vulnerable parts of your fence, especially if you have a wooden fence. Dry weather can crack fence posts, while rain causes rot. Moss, mildew, mold – who needs that? Topping your posts with caps cuts down on these problems. And yeah, it looks pretty, too.
This week we’ll look at a few leading choices in fence post caps.

Wood Post Caps

These classic post caps look great on wooden fences. However, they’re subject to the same problems mentioned about wooden fences above – mainly rotting and cracking. Still, switching out post caps every few years is better than needing a whole new fence.

Vinyl or Composite Caps

You can use vinyl or composite post caps on vinyl or wood fences. These require little upkeep but can become brittle and fade from exposure to UV rays. A newer material, ASA resin, is more UV resistant and lasts longer. Versatile black is probably the most common color for vinyl or composite caps.

Glass Caps

Glass fence post caps are some of the prettiest. Solid cobalt blue or topaz are attractive and relatively understated choices. You can go all out with stained glass-style patterns of flowers, dragonflies or butterflies.

Metal Post Caps

For a low-maintenance choice with aesthetic appeal, metal post caps are a good choice. You can find them in copper, stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum, ranging from plain, form-fitting caps to pineapples and fleur de lis. Pointed caps might scare off intruders and inspire birds and squirrels to perch elsewhere.

Ready for a new fence?

Let there be Light

Fence post caps can multitask by providing lighting. We recommend either low-voltage LED lights or solar post caps. In Texas, we usually get enough sunlight to easily power solar fence post caps. And when it’s this easy to be green, why not?

Your Fence Advisors

Need some help figuring out the perfect fence post caps for your budget, aesthetics and practical considerations? Give you friends at Buzz a call today. We’ll also offer you tips for measuring your posts so those caps fit just right.