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fenceYour best bet for privacy is a 20-foot tall stone wall! Add a moat, throw in some alligators… No, wait. That might not fit into your neighborhood. Plus, you’ll probably find it’s illegal when you go downtown to get your permit. Both the height of the wall and the alligators might miff the city, your neighbors, and, God forbid, your HOA.
But don’t worry. Your friends at Buzz Custom Fence understand your need to screen out sounds from the busy street and the sight of your neighbors in their hot tub. We know all the tricks to designing and building a fence that gives you privacy while still being aesthetically pleasing.

Best Materials for a Privacy Fence

You have lots of choices for privacy-providing materials. Wood or vinyl work well, as long as the panels are tightly spaced. Wood is a classic material. But many people prefer vinyl these days, which looks almost as good while requiring less upkeep.
If you choose, wood, your best bets for privacy are board-on-board or stockade. Board-on-board means the boards overlap, offering peeping toms zero satisfaction. In stockade fences, the boards are pressed tightly together. Board-on-board may give you more privacy in the long run, as time can cause gaps between stockade fences. But the extra material required for board-on-board makes that style a little pricier.

Privacy Fence Design

Privacy fences can overwhelm your property and be a tad unwelcoming. They can also make you, the resident, feel trapped and claustrophobic. So we like to get a little creative and think of ways for you to have both privacy and curb appeal.
Examine your need for privacy. You don’t have busy streets and hot tubbing neighbors in all four directions, do you? When you contemplate your property, you might realize the need for a privacy fence is only on one or two sides. You could have a shorter fence on the non-offending sides, and/or fence with less tightly-packed boards. Or pick a stair-step design, with taller parts of the fence in strategic places – again, blocking out that hot tub.

Ready for a new fence?

Other Privacy Tips

Your landscaping can pair with your fence to soften the look of privacy. Property-line plantings add beauty and interest, and face fewer municipal height restrictions. Arborvitae to the rescue!
Always make sure to obey height codes and apply for necessary permits. You know what’s worse than a yard that lacks privacy? Spending your hard-earned dollars on a new fence, only to have city inspectors demand its removal. Then you’ll lack both privacy and money.

Design Help

Our crack team of designers is just a phone call away. We’ve designed thousands of fences, and brought peace and tranquility to many a backyard. And we’d love to help you, too. Give us a call and we’ll put our heads together to design your perfect fence.