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Most people don’t want just anybody traipsing onto their property and knocking at their door. That’s where access control comes in, helping you to filter out desired visitors from the less desirable. Whether you’re improving your entry system for your home or business, access control equipment makes for a safer environment. You can restrict access to certain areas and improve your overall security level.
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Understanding Access Controls

The idea of access control is nothing new; that’s what keys are all about. But in our modern terminology, access control involves sophisticated electronics that verify identity. If you have to swipe your ID to get into an area, that’s access control. Same with more advanced systems, such as scanning your fingerprints or your eye.


Obviously, the main point of access control is security. But you get other benefits as well.

  • You may need a smaller staff for directing and monitoring your visitors.
  • Added security can increase your property value.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing gates can improve the appearance of your home or business, while making you look more professional.
  • Save time by eliminating unwanted visitors.
  • Efficiency—Each ID can be programmed to allow access only to certain areas. No need to carry a key ring full of keys.
  • No worries about losing a key.
  • You can control your gates when you’re away from your home or business – even from another city or state.

Types of Access and Electronic Keys

Telephone entry systems are one gate access control option. Your visitors will stop at the access point, pick up the phone, and get connected with security, a receptionist or other point person.
Many businesses use proxy card badges. These are usually strung on lanyards and worn around employees’ necks or pinned to their shirt pockets. Smart Cards, a more advanced type of electronic key, can also monitor and track time, attendance, health records, material and equipment checkout, loyalty programs, digital cash and many other high-tech things.
Biometric devices are another way to control entry. We all know that fingerprints are unique to individuals. But other unique identifiers include retina and iris patterns, DNA, hand and earlobe geometry and voice waves. Biometric devices probably aren’t necessary in your home – unless your last name is Rockefeller – but are worthwhile in places of business that deal with sensitive information.


Advanced access control systems record a digital record of visitors. If you need to review exactly who came or went at what time, these records are invaluable. For home use, this can help solve vandalism or theft problems. On the business front, employers can make sure employees are behaving.

We Do Gates

The Buzz Solution

At Buzz, our simplest systems are automated solar or electric-powered gate openers. But if you have higher security needs, we can combine automation with extra precautions, such as key fob access, codes or callboxes at the gate. Our heavy-duty systems provide the most secure entrance points possible.
We also offer the option of integrating video surveillance into your entry system. Want a single camera at the gate? Multiple recorders with remote viewing access? Our talented technical team is ready to work with you on all your security needs.

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